Via ferrata

A “via ferrata” is a mountain route equipped with iron cables, chains, ladders and bridges which makes it easier to overcome the mountaineering difficulties. In a few cases such aid makes it possible to cover rocky terrain or an exposed route – of varying difficulties – making it approachable even for inexpert climbers. It differs from a classical climbing route which on average is a lot more vertical, not equipped and therefore a lot more difficult.

9 May 2016

Ferrata Rio Sallagoni

This pleasant “via ferrata” winds along the canyon that borders the rock on which stand the ruins of Drena castle.
9 May 2016

Via ferrata delle Trincee

The peaks of Mesola and Mesolina are of great historical interest, and were strategically important in the Tyrol during WW1.
9 May 2016

Via ferrata dell Amicizia-Cima S.A.T.

This ‘via ferrata’ is suitable for those who have already practiced some climbing.
9 May 2016

Ferrata dei Colodri

Via ‘ferrata’ for beginners, children or families.
9 May 2016

Ferrata delle Bocchette

The Bocchette route takes the excursionist along a marvellous traverse.
9 May 2016

Ferrata della Marmolada

By climbing up Marmolada,Punta Penia 3343m, you will be able to approach the world of high altitude.
9 May 2016

The path of the Contrabbandieri (Smugglers)

The Contrabbandieri hiking trail will offer you a superb climbing experience and a marvelous view of Garda Lake.
9 May 2016

Ferrata cima Capi

This ‘ferrata’ is highly recommended for adventurous families, both for the amazing views over Lake Garda and its easy and fun approach to the vertical world.
9 May 2016

Ferrata Gianni Costantini

This is considered the longest, most tiring and difficult of the Dolmites.
9 May 2016

Catinaccio ferrata

One of the most fascinating legends of the Dolomites narrates why these mountains become pink at sunset.

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