Ski-mountaineering (backcountry) is a fantastic way to explore the mountains of Trentino and the Alps during the winter season, when a layer of white snow creates an enchanting view. Throughout the years this activity has undergone some transformations: while a few years ago ski-mountaineering as an activity was tackled only in spring time and the descent was seen simply as “getting to the bottom of the valley”, modern ski-mountaineering can be done as soon as there is enough snow (usually mid December) and modern equipment which is continuously evolving allows us all to enjoy the descent, even more than on groomed slopes.

Scialpinismo in Norvegia

Backcountry skii in Norway

The Lofoten Island offer endless mountains formed especially for ski touring; everywhere you look there is a slope on which to dream!

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Ski mountaineering and freeriding

Through the Alps and the Dolomites put your faith in an experienced Mountain Guide to discover the best routes for ski mountaineering and freeriding.


Ski-mountaineering at Sempione Pass

From Sempione pass, the peaks of Breithorn, Galehorn e Magehorn, offer among the most beautiful ski-mountaineering itineraries in the area.


Winter sports and safety

Knowing the main equipment such as the avalanche transceivers A.R.T.VA.


Ski-mountaineering on Sicily (Etna)

Etna is an active volcano whose height on account of its eruptions is approx. 3.340 mt.and offers some amazing ski-mountaineering trips.


Ski-mountaineering in Morocco

With this proposal, we can ascend the highest mountains of North Africa, combining trekking and ski-mountaineering.


Ski-mountaineering in Turkey

The Turkish section of the Tauri mountain chain includes the Aladaglar massif.

Mountain Guide Trentino

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