Canyon della Jacuzzy, torrente Albola

Canyoning Rio Nero
9 May 2017
Canyoning in the Vajo dell Orsa canyon
9 May 2017




Riva del Garda – Trentino


May – September


about 2 h 15 m


65 € per person


medium – difficult

Technical and narrow canyon, near Riva del Garda, it offers some great abseils and not too many jumps.

Fresh and abundant water runs through this canyon recommended to people who have prior experience in canyons and want to learn how to progress independently on rope. The canyon is a wonder of nature, beautiful pools of water alternate with narrow corridors and abseils in a severe but exceptional environment. The starting and finishing point are in the same place and to reach the torrent you need to walk up a steep path which takes approximately half an hour.

As in all canyons, jumps and slides can be easily avoided by. Canyoning as well as being a lot of fun, is above all, the contact with nature which otherwise would be inaccessible, discovering the crystal clear water, narrow passages and high canyons, observing plants and unusual animals. A special moment to enjoy with your friends and family, accompanied by a professional Mountain Guide who will lead you through untouched and wild environments.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us for some great fun!!

  • Period: May-September
  • Average time spent in water: 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Coordinates of meeting point: park on road N 45°53’49” E 10° 50’ 7,6”

a complete set of gear, snack, photos of your adventure

What will you find?

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