Canyoning at Lake Garda

Canyon tours at Lake Garda, in the Ledro Valley and in Trentino with a Mountain Guide

Canyoning is a small but great adventure that smells like freedom. We will swim and jump in the crystal-clear water of the torrents going through narrows and gorges, we will slide down on the smooth rocks carried by the natural current, we will abseil into magical gorges and walk along the torrent exploring an untouched environment.

Canyoning is not only having fun but it means also contact with a wild nature hidden to the ordinary tourists. The everchanging colours of the trees and flowers all around, the sun finding his way through the trees and into the gorges reflecting off the clear water will make you feel alive more than ever and really, really happy.

Canyon tours at Lake Garda: how and when

Lake Garda is a glacial lake and the torrents have dug deep gorges over centuries which are now perfect for canyoning. This activity consists of descending watercourses on foot through these gorges. You will walk along the creek bed with the right equipment and accompanied by a Mountain Guide that will help you go along the torrents and by the waterfalls. At Lake Garda canyoning can be practiced six months a year, every day from April to October.

Canyoning in groups, with your friends, with your partner or alone

There are many canyoning tours near Lake Garda and across Trentino and they are all beautiful and fun but most importantly they are suitable for anyone as long as you are not afraid of water. You can participate alone, with your partner, joining one of my organised groups or with your friends. You can even go canyoning with us to celebrate a birthday or as a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Canyoning at Lake Garda with your family

Some sections of the canyons Vione in Tignale and the Rio Nero in the Ledro valley are particularly suitable for children from 9 years old because they are easy and fun without compulsory jumps to do. The difference from a normal tour with a group of adults lies in the different way of approaching the canyon so as to make their adventure with water really unique with abseils that are never too exposed and some slides and little jumps.

If you have fun and smile, we will even take photos in order to let you have a small but precious memory of your adventure! And after the physical activity we will give you a restoring snack.

What are you waiting for? Join us!

Can I do it too?
Of course you can manage to do it! There are different canyons with different difficulty levels so the only requirement for a beginner is to love water and adventure.

What should I be able to do?
Walking, diving, swimming, and sliding are all things you can already do, we will deal with the rest.

 What if I don’t want to dive?
In every canyon all jumps and slides can be avoided by abseiling with the help of your guide.

I have never abseiled before. How do you do it?
Don’t worry, throughout the activity you will gradually approach this new experience. Your guide will teach you the exact position to take and all you will have to do is relax and have fun while descending next to the waterfalls.

Who will accompany me?
Our Mountain Guides are specialized in all the canyons we propose; they know almost every single rock in the canyons. They will make you have fun, taking care of you and your friends and teaching you how to face this adventure in order to live it to the fullest.

What do I have to bring?
You will have to wear a swimming costume and bring with you a towel and two pairs of shoes: you will need a pair of sneakers or similar to wear during the activity and then a pair of shoes as a change after canyoning.

What will my equipment consist of?
Let’s say that a dip in cool water during summer doesn’t do you any harm but considering that the water in canyons is neither icy nor thermal you will be given a wetsuit made of neoprene 5.5mm thick, a neoprene vest and neoprene socks, the harness for the abseils, the helmet and also a life jacket in the canyons where it is needed.


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The Rio Nero canyon, also known as Jurassik is located at Passo d’Ampola in the Ledro valley, a rural tourist area near Lake Garda. If you […]


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