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Climb on the crag or on the mountain with a Mountain Guide

Climbing does not only mean a physical activity, but it means also harmony, freedom and contact with the natural environment. It doesn’t matter whether you do it on the crag or on the mountain, moving upwards on the rocks makes you free your mind, develop your balance and get to know your own body.

However, you can’t lie to yourself when it comes to climbing and you can’t pretend.
With the courses and trips I organise you will be able to learn what the equipment is and how you have to use it to climb safely; you will also learn to trust yourselves and the person that will hold your rope. You will take a new challenge and face your fears. All of these are easy exercises that we don’t need anymore to live in the modern society, but they can be really helpful to face the difficulty of life.

Climbing courses at Lake Garda, in the Sarca Valley and in the Dolomites

Arco and the Sarca Valley are renowned worldwide because of the calcareous rock you can find around Lake Garda, the many well-equipped routes, the easily accessible crags and the mild weather that makes it possible to go climbing all year.

From six years old on, anyone can learn to climb. You just need the will to take a new challenge and learn something new. I organise courses for families, children, teenagers and adults, for beginners but also advanced climbers, and for everyone who wants to discover more about mountaineering.

Climbing with your family accompanied by a Mountain Guide
Families will be able to get to know more about climbing through a nice day of activity on the crag. Children will learn while having fun, they will experience their first climb top rope. On the other hand, teenagers and adults will learn on easy crags the fundamentals of climbing, how to use properly the equipment, specific techniques of rock climbing and the most important rope knots you need for a lead climb.

Guiding service on multi pitch routes at Lake Garda, in the Sarca Valley and on the Dolomites with a Mountain Guide

If you are interested in mountaineering, if you want to climb an already equipped multi pitch route or if you feel like you are still not ready to lead climb on a route, you can learn with the help of a Mountain Guide. At Lake Garda, in the Sarca valley and on the Dolomites there are many multi pitch routes of any kind, some are easily accessible and others are long and demanding in the middle of amazing wild mountain environments.

Climbing trips

Have you ever thought of learning to climb or improving your climbing skills while you are on holiday and accompanied by a Mountain Guide? That is an excellent chance to visit wonderful places, relax and recharge your batteries with your trip companions that share the same passion as you.

Join us!

Arco Climbing

Classic and modern routes

There are countless climbing routes in Arco and the Dolomites.

Holidays climbing

Climbing holidays in Leonidio Greece

Spend your holidays and come climbing in Leonidio, a small and characteristic Greek village just three hours by car from Athens.


Ice climbing course

Throughout the month of January we offer a basic ice climbing course. A weekend among the best ice falls in the Trentino region.



Arco and the Sarca Valley attracts climbers from all over Europe.

Mountain Guide Trentino

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