Garda Lake

Lake Garda is the ideal area for lovers of adventure and outdoor sports. Canyoning, climbing, vie ferrate, trekking and mountain biking are only a few of the sporting activities awaiting you in this fabulous outdoor gym. In this site you will find pages dedicated to summer and winter sports in the areas of Lake Garda and the Dolomites. Other pages are dedicated to proposals for trips and adventures which I have personally experienced. In addition I am always available to create with you tailor-made adventures of your own.

3 July 2019

Rovereto canyon or San Colombano

The Rovereto canyon begins in the Leno torrent in Terragnolo and it digs a deep gorge near the hermitage of San Colombano.  This canyon is easy […]
9 May 2017

Canyoning Vajo dell’Orsa

The Vajo dell’Orsa canyon is located in Brentino Belluno, on the east side of the Monte Baldo, not far from Lake Garda. This is the longest […]
9 May 2017

Canyoning in the Albola torrent

This is the only canyon near Riva del Garda, it is called Jacuzzi canyon and it goes along the Albola torrent. You will experience a few […]
9 May 2017

Canyoning Rio Nero

The Rio Nero canyon, also known as Jurassik is located at Passo d’Ampola in the Ledro valley, a rural tourist area near Lake Garda. If you […]
9 May 2017

Canyoning Vione

The Vione canyon is located in the province of Brescia, on the West side of Lake Garda. This canyon tour is an open and sunny itinerary, […]
9 May 2017

Canyoning Palvico

The Palvico canyon is located near Storo, in the Ledro valley, not far from Lake Garda. This canyon tour has every feature a really nice canyon […]
9 May 2016

Via Ferrata Rio Sallagoni

The via ferrata Rio Sallagoni is located near Arco and it winds along the canyon that surrounds Drena Castle. This via ferrata is easy, perfectly suitable […]
9 May 2016

Via ferrata dell’Amicizia to Cima S.A.T.

The via ferrata dell’Amicizia to Cima Sat goes up the steep walls of the Rocchetta peak overlooking Lake Garda and it gifts the same wonderful views […]
9 May 2016

Via Ferrata Colodri

The easy via ferrata along Monte Colodri is located in Arco, near the castle. It goes up the East wall of Monte Colodri and has a […]
9 May 2016

The path of the Contrabbandieri (Smugglers)

The Sentiero dei Contrabbandieri (Path of the Smugglers), also known as Tracciolino or mountaineering route Massimo Torti, it is a ledge not equipped overlooking Lake Garda, […]
9 May 2016

Via Ferrata Cima Capi

The via ferrata Fausto Susatti to Cima Capi is located on the North-West side of Lake Garda and it is part of the Brescia Prealps. It […]

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