Hiking Selvaggio Blu Sardinia

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9 May 2016
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9 May 2016




Sardinia, Italy





7 days


985 € per person

for a minimum of 6-8 persons


 medium +

Hiking in the “Selvaggio Blu” is described in guidebooks as the hardest trekking of Italy and is named among the 100 most spectacular in the world!

Do you want to try the “Selvaggio Blu” trekking in Sardinia? Choose to do it with a Professional Mountain Guide, we will guide you through several arduous paths that this trekking offers, we will assist and support you during the abseiling passages and at the same time, we will make sure this adventure will be unique.

The “Selvaggio Blu” trekking is for sure one of the most exciting trips I have ever done. From Pedra Longa, along the cliffs of Orosei gulf, to Cala Luna. A sequence of ups and downs, stunning bays with crystal clear water and dizzying rocky walls. We will face difficult paths, short climbing steps, abseiling passages and natural obstacles that will lead us to our final destination.

The nights spent in tents, in amazing coves, far away from the city streets will be the signature of an amazing experience. The delicious traditional cuisine that will be provided via the sea will make us forget the exhaustion of the latest step.


It requires a good workout to walk on stony paths as you need a good and sure footing.


We will walk with only a light pack equipped with water and food, every other luggage is going to be transported via sea or land for every step.

The trip in brief:

  • Length of the trip: 7 days.
  • Lenght of the trekking: 5 days of Hiking Selvaggio Blu + 1 day of rope training. (descent of amazing dry canyon).
  • Nights: Hotel, tents.
  • Meals: great traditional cuisine, prepared and provided fresh every day!
  • Logistics: transport of water/food/luggage via sea for every step.
  • Possibility of return: each day by sea.
  • Daily walk: 6 to 8 hours.
  • Height difference: maximum 700 meters.
  • Difficulty: no experience is required to overcome the small climbing, abseiling, progression on rough terrain and trails and difficult orientation, the guide will assist you in each and every step. However, you should be adventurous and able to live and cooperate with other people.

Transfers from and to ports or airports are possible upon request one day before and after the hike.



  • Meet and greet with the Guide in Sardinia, Olbia airport. During the morning transfer to Cala Gonone (with own transportation) where our first adventure will be waiting for us. During the evening we will move to Santa Maria Navarrese, where we will spend the night in Hotel.


  • Breakfast, delivery of the luggage to the staff, we will begin our trekking.
    We will have our first dinner in Gennirco Camp.
    Menu: Culurgiones (typical Sardinian dish), roast pork, sides, fruits, goat cheese, bread, dessert, water, wine, digestive, and a great coffee.


  • Breakfast, delivery of the luggage and food pick up from the staff. Arrival to Portu Cuau, a small inlet of a jagged coast.
    Menu: delicious lasagna, ham, conserved vegetables, cow cheese, fruits, dessert, water, wine, digestive, and great coffee.


  • Breakfast, delivery of the luggage and food pick up from the staff. Walk and arrival to Cala Goloritzè, one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Orosei Gulf.
    Menu: octopus salad with potatoes, oven-cooked aubergine, goat cheese, bread, dessert, water, wine, digestive, and a great coffee.


  • Breakfast, delivery of the luggage and food pick up from the staff. Evening arrival to Ololbissi, at the end of Bacu Su Feilau.
    Menu: goat meat with beans, fiscidù, fruits, dessert, water, wine, digestive, and coffee.


  • Breakfast, delivery of the luggage and food pick up from the staff.
    Afternoon arrival to Cala Sisine, jeep transportation to Santa Maria Navarrese, dinner and overnight stay in Hotel.


  • Breakfast. For the insatiable people among the group: outdoor activities with the Guide, otherwise, relax on the beach. Evening transportation to Olbia airport.





The cost includes: :

  • Alpine Mountain Guide UIAGM
  • Transport of food and water by sea or by 4×4
  • Equipment for field kitchen
  • Customer rescue insurance (see limitations)
  • Technical material
  • Overnight stays in the hotel (first and last night), in double room.

The cost doesn’t includes:

  • Flights and travel to and from Sardinia.
  • Early or emergency withdrawals.
  • Hotel and meals apart from trekking days.
  • Changes in the program due to weather conditions.
  • Potential cancellation, medical or luggage insurance.
  • Tent and inflatable mattress (you can rent them for 5 euros/day).
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the part titled “Included in the price”.

985€ (for a minimum of 6-8 persons)



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