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Mountain Guide Demis Centi

Live the magic of the mountains with a professional Mountain Guide

I live in Mori, near Lake Garda and I am a UIAGM Mountain Guide regularly registered to the Trentino Mountain Guide Association since 1999. I am a trainer for works at height as well and since 2018 I am the president of the Trentino Mountain Guide Association which takes care of works at height, trainings and security courses for works on rope.

I am in love with nature in every season, I am a frequent traveller always looking for new adventures.

I really enjoy accompanying you on the mountains and making you discover new places of the world, opening new tracks with sealskins and skiing down snow-covered slopes, teaching you to climb and sharing the satisfaction you feel when you reach the top of the mountain or the astonishment when you see for the first time those wonderful landscapes and I feel happy when I see you enjoying yourself while diving into a crystal-clear water pool in a natural canyon.

In summer I organise many canyon tours, climbing courses, vie ferrate and hiking routes near Lake Garda and on the Dolomites. In winter, together with the travel agency “Campo Base”, I propose journeys dedicated to ski-mountaineering in Norway, Georgia, Turkey, Morocco and even Iceland since 2018! In autumn and spring, I organize hiking routes on Crete Island, in Ethiopia and the Selvaggio Blu hiking route in Sardinia.

Be it an adventure journey, a climbing or ski-mountaineering course, a day of hiking or a via ferrata, you will be part of a group of people sharing the same goals. We will share the beauty of the mountains, learning to respect the nature and getting to know it step by step while exploring wild and untouched sceneries.

When I grow up, I’ll be a Mountain Guide

I was nine years old when a family friend taught me to climb for the first time. But it was those wonderful nights spent in a tent on the Alps with my uncle that made me fall in love with adventure. When I was a little older, I started exploring the snow-covered mountains with the sealskins with a friend of mine and without a penny. At the age of 18 I started travelling around the world in its most remote places such as Madagascar or the Baffin Island, both hard to reach at the time, and I went there to climb. The following destinations were South Africa, Nepal, Pakistan, India, the South-East area of Asia in Kota Kinabalu in the Malaysian Borneo and then South America on the Hielo Continental Sur, the peaks Alpamayo, Artensorajo, Ojos del Salado and Aconcagua. Later on, I even tried to live with just a few things among the cliffs, forests and volcanoes of Solewesi and Sumatra, in Indonesia, where I explored the depths of the sea.

I was 19 years old when, returning from Canada, I decided to sell my twelve-strings guitar to buy a ticket to Kenya, to climb the Diamond Couloir, an icefall that nowadays isn’t frozen anymore, it was 800 metres high and at the altitude of 5200 metres, on the top of Mount Kenya.

Among other particular journeys, I remember very well for the experience in general and the wonderful people I met the trip to Damasco I started by bus with my skies on my shoulders during which I would stop every time I saw a white peak I could ski.

We were young and full of spirit of adventure, and it is this same spirit of adventure that always kept my passion for the mountain alive.

My destiny was sealed: I was going to be a Mountain Guide.

Who is a Mountain Guide?

A Mountain Guide is a professional of the mountain trained and qualified according to international standards. A Mountain Guide is also an adventure companion that shares with you every challenge you face and protects you from the risks of the mountains thanks to his experience and his knowledge of mountains and routes.

Discover the mountain with a Mountain Guide

The pleasure of discovery is always within me when I travel alone and when I accompany you on the mountains. My experience, my passion and respect for the mountain await you along with a lot of fun and maybe even some singing with my guitar after dinner underneath the night sky.

I am sure we will have fun together!

Mountain Guide Trentino

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